Community Entrepreneur Programs

Our community programs help women entrepreneurs make their business more lucrative and less burdensome.  The typical day for a woman who operates a business producing and selling items made from Cassava root (a local plant similar to a yam) looks like this:

A woman wakes before dawn to walk to the nearest farm to uproot cassava. The farm could be between 2 and 10 miles from home. Children as young as 5 years old would be with her helping to carry the cassava home.

At home, the mother and her kids peel the back of the cassava, which takes hours and causes cramping and cuts on the hands of the women and children.

The mother and children then carry the peeled cassava in large baskets for 10-20 miles to the nearest village with a Processing Machine. After processing, the cassava is fried by hand and then carried miles back home.

The finished products (Garri) are now ready to be sold at the market.

King’s Care provides Garri Processing Machines to villages, allowing women business owners to process and produce products efficiently and without the need for children’s help. Woman and children get back the time and energy usually spent walking miles to the nearest town to utilize such machinery. Providing one Garri Processing Machine to a small village will save a Cassava woman an average of 5 hours per day. Instead of 15-20 walking miles hauling cassava to a neighboring village for processing, she can now process 10 times the amount of product in one day in her own village. Additionally, children who were previously necessary for the business to operate by help peel the cassava and carry it in baskets on their heads for miles, can now be free to go to school and play instead of work.