Afam Atu

Founder & President

Afamefuna Atu is the founder and president of Kings Care Foundation [KCF]. Since he graduated, he has been working as a clinician in hospital settings. He provides care for victims of emotionally challenged, psychological trauma and their families. His experiences in dealing with critically ill and dying patients with their families has increasingly nudged him towards not caring for patients but individuals with psychological, social, financial and educational needs as well.  Afamefuna is an advocate of preventive medicine hence he is a fitness freak personality. Most of his leisure time is spent in a gym. His hobbies also includes soccer, reading and traveling

Born in Attakwu, a rural community in Enugu State, South-East Nigeria, he holds dual citizenship of Nigeria and United States. When questioned, he is quick to attribute two major events in his past life for his founding of KCF. The first was the stark reality of living in deep and extreme poverty with his parents and six siblings growing up in Attakwu, without adequate food, safe water, proper sanitation, or healthcare. “We went hungry almost every day due to not having enough food to eat,” he remarks, sadly recollecting the health challenges that snuffed out the lives of his maternal grandparents in their prime due to ailments that could be treated for a small amount of money, but which they did not have. His grandmother, he states, died while giving birth to his uncle because of severe anemia caused by nutritional deficiencies. The death of his grandfather was caused by an eye infection he treated with herbal medicine that was largely inefficacious. The death of both grandparents, Afamefuna recalls, brutally destabilized his maternal lineage and “led my mother who was barely two years at the time to become a housemaid to another family at such tender age, thereby perpetuating the cycle of generational poverty.”

Pointing to the wise saying by his father prodding him while yet a teenager, “to never look down on anybody, except, to look down in order to pull them up,” as the second motivation for founding of KCF and interminable charities to the vulnerable, Afemefuna shares: “To be honest with you, I am who I am today because God poured out his extraordinary mercies on me, snatching me from the jaws of generational poverty, hence, my resolve to make sure no one I know or around me goes to bed hungry, or experiences the kind of agony I experienced growing up in extreme poverty.”

Afamefuna holds a Master of Arts in Religion and Ethics with specialization in trauma counseling and ethics, a B.A. in Philosophy. Since graduating, he’s had considerable stint working as a clinician in hospital settings, providing care for victims of emotional and psychological trauma and their families. His lived experience dealing with critically ill and dying patients together with families has increasingly nudged him to not only care for the medically needy, but also individuals with physiological, social and financial and educational needs.

Afamefuna is all about fitness and hence his leisure time is spent in the gym, in addition to indulging in his favourite hobbies – playing soccer, reading, and traveling. 

Anokwute Genevieve

President of the Board in Nigeria

My name is Anokwute Genevieve Ngozi.

 I am a Nigerian residing in Abuja.

I graduated with Masters of Science in Management from University of Leicester, England . I have seen a great deal of domestic violence meted out on Women with my community

I have worked in the banking industry for nine years. I currently work as the CEO/ Operations manager of Ross-Frigers Global Services, LTD, a building and construction servicing company in Abuja, Nigeria. I am also the president of the Kings Care Empowerment Foundation in Nigeria, which has its head office in Saginaw, Michigan, USA and Nigerian branch offices in Abuja and Enugu, Nigeria.

I was attracted to the Kings Care Foundation based on my family experience with poverty during childhood. I have seen a great deal of domestic abuse of women around my community and the impact of girls not allowed to go to school because they are female. The Kings Care Foundation works to restore the dignity of women and empower them to fight for their future. I am attracted to pursue this struggle because I believe every girl deserves an opportunity to reach their God given potential. At Kings Care Foundation, this is what we strive for. Giving voice to the voiceless. Helping women break the cycle of poverty, which often keeps them trapped in abusive relationships.

My career has trained me to be a caregiver, independent and a business development personality.

The following trainings have also expanded my horizon in business development and management. An On-Line Training (The Service Attitude)  November 2008; Cash Management Training August 2009; People Management Skill July 2011; Banking Fraud: Implication and Causes July 2011; ATM Management Training July 2011; Operational Risk Management July 2011  and GBAC Online Fundamentals Training Course with emphasis on SARS-COV-2/ COVID 19, May2020.            

My hobbies include athletics, volley ball, travel and meeting friends.

I have other skills in information technology, business management, business development, and financial analysis.

Dr. Tochukwu Chinedu-Okoli

Medical Doctor

Dr. Tochukwu Chinedu-Okoli is a medical doctor at the Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Enugu. Before reading medicine, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Being a registered dietitian, she worked in several Institutions before going into private practice since 2012.

Dr. Tochi, as known to her associates, loves volunteering and has been involved in many rural medical outreaches, where she engaged in health education especially in child nutrition and general medical checkups for rural communities.

She lives with her family in Enugu, Nigeria.

Kingsley Ugo Chime

Director in Nigeria

Kingsley Ugo Chime (B.Phil., B.A) is a graduate of Philosophy from Pontifical Urban University, Rome and University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A was and is the marketing manager on communications with erstwhile Etisalat company Enugu and currently serving with Stallion Auto Keke Limited on automobile and logistics.

Born to a christian parents and trained by the missionary, he has an unrelenting desire to serve God through humanity and a latent which is backed up with a burning zeal for apostolate and comforted himself in a way becoming of his aspiration with his contact and services with Kings Care Empowerment Foundation.

Roger Pasionek

Foundation Secretary

Deacon Roger has spent his whole life living in the Saginaw area.

Born and raised in St. Charles, where he graduated from St Charles High School, Deacon attended the University of Michigan and received his Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies and English Language & Literature.

For the next 33 years, Deacon taught high school English at St. Charles. During that time, he received his Master’s degree in English from Saginaw Valley State University, and a Master’s degree in theology from Loyola University.

In 2003, Deacon accepted the position of pastoral associate from Father Wm. Taylor, who was the pastor of Holy Family Church. In 2007, Archbishop Carlson ordained Deacon Roger to the permanent deaconate, and the next year, 2008, he appointed Deacon to serve the parish as pastoral administrator.

In 2016, Bishop Cistone confirmed that position for the term of three years, and he continued to serve in that capacity until 2020.

Ikeh Ernest Arinze

Chief Media Officer

My name is Ikeh Ernest Arinze. I am from Enugu state, Nigeria. I studied computer science in Enugu State of science and technology. Upon my graduation, I completed my NYSC in Ogun State where I volunteered to join the National Association of Catholic Corpers of Abeokuta South, Ogun State to help them to achieve the organization's goal. As someone who studied computer science, I am always so passionate about solving problems with my skills. Getting my first degree for me wasn't an easy task for my parents,my mother worked tirelessly,  doing different kinds of jobs to see me through education which I was able to pull through. I believe the world is made for everyone to benefit from, no matter what you are doing. I have come to realize that helping people to grow in life contributes to making the world a better place. It gives me joy when people around me are happy. 

I joined Kings Care Foundation because of the positive contributions which which many women and single mothers and children are benefitting  from the foundation. This is a great opportunity for me to contribute and help build dignity of women and children around the world. I strongly believe when you give out to the poor no matter how small, it tends to bring more joy and blessings upon the individual that gives.  

My mother struggles and working sometimes without eating just to make sure we go to school shaped the man I am today and in all the women struggling around the world.  I see my mother and it is my wish to help to support them to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

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