Community Entreprenuer Program

Our community programs are designed to empower women entrepreneurs and help them achieve greater success in their businesses. As an example, let’s take a look at the typical day of a woman who runs a business producing and selling items made from Cassava root – a local plant similar to a yam.

Traditionally, this woman would wake up before dawn to walk several miles to the nearest farm to uproot cassava. With children as young as 5 years old in tow, she would spend hours peeling the cassava back at home, causing cramping and cuts on her hands. The family would then have to carry the peeled cassava for miles to the nearest village with a processing machine. After processing and frying the cassava by hand, they would carry it back home to sell at the market.

But with the help of King’s Care, this woman can now process and produce her products more efficiently, without the need for her children’s labor. We provide Garri Processing Machines to villages, which saves women an average of 5 hours per day that they would have otherwise spent walking to the nearest town to utilize such machinery. By processing 10 times the amount of product in one day, the woman can save time and energy, and focus on growing her business.

Moreover, with the machines in place, children who were previously required to help peel and carry cassava for miles can now be free to attend school and play. Providing one Garri Processing Machine to a small village has a profound impact on the lives of women and children, and we at King’s Care are proud to be making a difference.

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